" Squirrel offers first aid! "

 The recently appointed manager of The Squirrel, Sheet Road, Ludlow has kindly offered to help raise funds for Ludlow Community Hospital in conjunction with The League of Friends. 


James Grant, who previously managed similar licensed premises in Malvern, said “My wife and I worked together with Midlands Air Ambulance by running quiz nights, raffles and other events and helped raised more than £5,000 for them since Autumn 2020.   We want to do the same here and Ludlow Community Hospital seems to be a worthy cause.”

The Quiz will be running every Wednesday, and booking on 01584 879940 is recommended.

 Peter Corfield, Chairman of The League of Friends, said “It is good to have The Squirrel on board now that the social distancing rules are relaxing.   James has outlined a number of events, starting with a Quiz Night on Wednesday 3rd November 21, with prizes and discounts on in-house dining.   We are currently discussing with the Hospital authorities how best to use this income to provide additional facilities for the Hospital Staff as a thank you for their hard work and dedication during the pandemic in the hospital and the community.”

 Further details will be published on The Squirrel, Ludlow, facebook page.

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 Peter Corfield Chairman League of Friends 01584318468

 James Grant Manager The Squirrel Ludlow, 01584 879940


 For earlier news, please read on below .........

 “New hospital” call

As reported in the Ludlow Advertiser on 5th August, there is an attempt to get a new hospital for Ludlow back on the agenda ahead of a meeting of health chiefs next month.

A Ludlow resident is calling for a reopening of the prospect of a new hospital being built in Ludlow.  It comes a decade after a planned new hospital and health village on the Eco Park was dropped at the eleventh hour.

John Diamond, who lives in Mill Street, says that the need is greater than ever. He has written to former health minister and Ludlow MP Philip Dunne. Mr Diamond makes the call after speaking with Peter Corfield, the chairman of the Friends of Ludlow Hospital. "I understand there is going to be a meeting of all the Shropshire health groups soon," writes Mr Diamond, in his letter to the MP "Would this be a good time to resurrect the possibility of reinstating the building of a new hospital in Ludlow?"  Our current doctor surgeries are creaking under the pressure and with all the new build housing going on all around Ludlow I dread to think where all these extra patients are going."

Chairman of the Ludlow Hospital League of Friends Peter Corfield said he has not changed his mind about the need for better health facilities in the town will be pressing for information on care closer to home, Sustainable Transformation Plan for the Shropshire and Telford Health Trust and significantly improved facilities for Ludlow Community Hospital.

"My views on the third-world condition of our buildings, the punitive lease rental charged by NHS Property Services and the increasing pressure on primary care facilities such as the GP surgeries have not changed and the rapidly increasing developments in south Shropshire and environs strongly reinforce the need to reconsider some of the decisions that were taken in 2012/13", said Mr. Corfield.

 Ends ……………………………….


AGM CANCELLATION -   Letter from our Chairman, Peter.


"I am sure that everyone is aware of the continued, and increasing, threat of infection from the more virulent Delta variant of the Corona virus and the current move to ease the legal requirement for face coverings in public.   Whether one agrees or disagrees with the proposals for responsibility for protective measures to be wholly transferred to the general public, there is clearly an increased risk even to those who have been fully vaccinated.

 After careful consideration the Trustees and Committee of The League have decided that it would be unwise to require our members to gather indoors for a routine AGM, and therefore you are advised that the Annual General Meeting which was to have been held on Wednesday 4th August 2021 is CANCELLED.

 The 2020/21 Annual Report and Accounts are currently under preparation and subject to the Auditors scrutiny and, as we did last year, a precis will be issued with the next Newsletter.   Although we have been unable to mount any fundraising activities this year, we have maintained our growing rate of liquidity as you will see when the results are published.  

 As a committee, our major concerns are the need to ensure that, in more normal times, we will have a sufficient number of volunteers to ensure that we are able to properly and efficiently meet our statutory obligations as a registered Charity and to serve our membership and the local population.   This means asking you, the membership, to see if you can devote some time to helping us – we know and appreciate that you are all very generous with subscriptions and donations – but at the moment the whole of the League operations rests on the shoulders of a very small number of long-serving Trustees.

 Help us with fundraising, some secretarial assistance, maintaining the membership system, mail shots (like Newsletters), leaflet distribution, street collections liaison with other organisations etc etc.  Please contact me if you may be able to help.

 Of course, the issue of what the future holds for health and care facilities in Ludlow and South Shropshire is still a topic that exercises the imagination of many of us and has done so since the infamous attempt to deprive us of our Hospital in 2005 when we came close to losing Ludlow and Bishops Castle Community Hospitals.   There is still great uncertainty about Care Closer to Home, the role and sustainability of GP Practices and what our local hospitals will be able to provide.   As we have seen, both in 2012 when the proposals for our new facility in Ludlow were abruptly terminated and since, as we witness ever more expensive Future Fit or Sustainability Plan for Shrewsbury and Telford withering on the vine, we need to represent the views of our members and the local community at the highest levels.

 In August we will meet with our MP Philip Dunne to review the local situation and later in the month we will meet with the Chair and Chief Executive of Shropcom, the NHS Trust that is responsible for Ludlow and Bishops Castle Community Hospitals.   The outcome of these meetings will feature in the next Newsletter.

 I hope you will agree that it is sensible to cancel the AGM on safety grounds and as soon as possible we will produce a fully informative Newsletter.   Hopefully we will begin to see some normality returning to life by the end of this year – it really has been a very trying time for us all.   Please accept my thanks and gratitude for your loyal support and, importantly, do take care!"




The following outpatient clinics and services, including the Minor Injuries Unit are now running at Ludlow and the Department is running at full capacity:

 Rheumatology             Gynaecology               Ultrasound

X-ray                           SOOS                          Podiatry

Continence                  Vascular                      Audiology

Ophthalmology           Parkinson’s                  Physio adult

Speech & Language    Physio Paeds

 Minor Injuries is open each day from 8am to 8pm and referrals to the above clinics at Ludlow may be referred by your GP.   The Ludlow MIU/OPD is led by Leigh Dalton, Emergency Care Practitioner.

(The above item is  included in our Newsletter 55 - issued May 2021 - see Membership page)

League Activities

Hospital Admin have advised that they are now able to re-introduce the volunteer services, such as Tea/Coffee trolley and the Trolley Shop.   The administration of the volunteer rosters, including training, DB checks, insurance etc is totally the responsibility of the NHS and is organised at Ludlow by Alison Morris Hospital Administration Manager Ludlow and Bishops Castle Hospitals Tel 01584 666037 or

 As announced in previous Newsletters your Committee will propose a re-organisation of the Trustees and Executive Committees at the Annual General Meeting, which is provisionally proposed for   Wednesday 4 August 2021.

 The AGM will be held in St Peter’s Hall, Ludlow at 6.30pm.   Further details will be published in Newsletter Issue 56.

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 10 April 2021

 Treats for Patients and Community

 Easter Weekend brought treats and Easter Cards to Ludlow Community Hospital, thanks to the League of Friends and Tesco Supermarket, Ludlow.   League Chairman, Peter Corfield, said “traditionally we have distributed Cards and Easter Eggs to our in-patients in Dinham Ward and our renal dialysis patients (who attend the unit three times a week).   This year, because of Covid restrictions our members were unable to enter the Hospital but happily the staff stepped in to make sure all patients had their treat!   We were also generously assisted by Dave Ashton, Manager of Tesco Ludlow and his staff with the contribution of the Easter Eggs.   It was a wonderful gesture and yet another example of their generous support for the Hospital and other local charities”.

 The League also unveiled a number of community health projects which they will support financially.   Two additional public access defibrillators will be purchased by The League and installed at St Peter’s Church Ludlow and the Ludlow Methodist Church by Ludlow Defib 4 you, who will also maintain the total of 8 defibrillators provided by The League (these are already located at The Mascall Centre, Homecare, Rockspring, Tesco, Assembly Rooms and Vision Homes).   The League will fund replacement batteries, electrodes and readikits of consumables for the next few years, whilst familiarization training courses will continue to be provided by ludlowdefib4you.   The importance of Public Access Defibrillators cannot be too strongly stressed, as statistically it has been demonstrated that every minute without CPR or a defibrillator shows that chances of survival can decrease by up to 10%.   Further details from the secretary, .

 The League has also underwritten the costs of repair and refurbishment to two benches sited opposite to the New Road entrance to Ludlow Hospital.   One of the benches will commemorate the fundraising support for the hospital by the late Cyril Martin, of Clee Hill, over 25 years ago.  “Cyril used to organize walks and tours around the Clee Hill and Ludlow districts to raise significant funds for patient comforts and improvements to the facilities at the hospital.   The bench will be fully restored, courtesy of Graeme Perks and Ludlow War Memorial Committee and a suitable commemorative plaque will also be provided” added Peter.

 The League exists to provide patient comforts and items of clinical equipment which will contribute to improved in-patient and clinic services offering care closer to home.   In recent years over £660,000 has been spent by The League on items ranging from a new x-ray facility, ultrasound scanning, physiotherapy equipment, a renal dialysis unit, beds and ward furniture – and even to toys for youngsters attending the minor injuries Unit!

 Contacts:           Peter Corfield, Chairman, League of Friends 01584 318468

Penelope Bridstrup, Secretary


Earlier information re COVID-19 Vaccination programme

“The Covid-19 vaccination  programme in South West Shropshire is being organised and co-ordinated through the South West Shropshire Primary Care Network which is made up of 6 local GP Practices.   

The first delivery of vaccine to the PCN is due to be received during the week commencing 25th January and in anticipation of this Station Drive Surgery Ludlow started to book appointments for patients.   This was on the basis that they may need to be rearranged, if the vaccine is not delivered in time.   As it happens the delivery will not be received until the second half of that week and an exact delivery date is yet to be confirmed meaning that appointments will need to be re-arranged.

 The vaccine will be delivered to one Practice and then distributed to the other 5 practices giving each Practice access to the vaccine at the same time.   Each Practice is then free to make their own arrangements to vaccinate their patients." 

We will post any further updates we receive on this page.

Peter Corfield, Chairman  19th January 2021