Our  photo shows  Kay Harley presenting a very welcome cheque under the gaze of Humphrey Salwey!

This is a major contribution towards the latest RITA equipment which has just been delivered. This is a therapeutic system which can be used by patients themselves or with assistance from nurses/therapists/carers to engage patients with a wide variety of activities, including relaxation music, BBC archive clips, photos, interactive games, famous speeches, etc. lt also has an easily utilised 'life collage or life story book' facility, which can be completed with relatives or staff to further personalise care.

lt has also been effective in calming distressed or anxious patients as its bright and varied content has something for everyone, quickly accessible at the touch of a button. No internet is required. The system is by no means limited to dementia therapy. lt is widely used in A&E departments, in rehabilitation and palliative care settings, and by Occupational Therapists in mental health units.

This latest contribution, plus the Bedpush (£2,323) and the sponsored cycle/walk by Nationwide (£1,016) covers the total cost of the equipment.   Once again, many thanks to everyone concerned!