On a sunny Saturday 13th July the inhabitants of Ludlow and visitors to the town were once again amused (and no doubt surprised!)  to see a group of gallant fundraisers dressed variously as nurses (complete with Orvis' bear) appear in the town centre in the annual BEDPUSH, holding buckets for donations for the League of Friends of Ludlow Hospital. A popular event, the response from the public was generous, as always.

Led by organisers Mark and Alison Hiles, supported by Adam and Mick Griffiths, Ben Whitmarsh and Emily Moseley, the group raised a magnificent total of over £2,320. Mark said afterwards, "the most difficult part of the organising was to convince a bunch of lads to dress up in drag"!   Evidently, Mark is of a very persuasive nature!

Plate 1

 Plate 2

 Mike Evans, vice-chairman of the League of Friends, thanking the group and all contributors for their generosity, said "We are delighted that our gallant band of cross-dressed collectors achieved such a wonderful result, it's a most welcome boost to our funds. And a special mention to Orvis for helping to make it such a great day." 

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