Chairman Peter says "NEW BLOOD"  is needed by the League of Friends of Ludlow Hospital.

The group that has championed health care in Ludlow over the past two decades needs a transfusion of new blood if it is to continue the work into the future.

New Blood pic

 Without the efforts of local volunteers and campaigners Ludlow would not have a hospital of any kind.  Membership of the Ludlow Hospital League of Friends has more than halved and an appeal has been launched for more people to get involved.

The League has been involved in campaigns to keep the hospital open as well as raising and spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on improving facilities** for patients and staff. This has ranged from installing a dialysis unit to treat people with kidney disease locally to investment such as installing televisions on wards. It has been a champion of the importance of local community hospitals and has initiated campaigns to encourage people to use them.

But the work of the League is dependent upon volunteers and the number of people involved is falling dramatically.  The League says that its strength has always been a large, committed and informed membership.  “Over the past 15 years our numbers have dwindled from 1500 to 700 due to natural causes, relocations and other things,” said Peter Corfield, chairman of the League of Friends, (pictured above left). “We need to boost membership, and you can help by inviting family and friends to join us and add the weight of their opinion.

"Help us to promote the positive aspects of our Community Hospital – the improved services, the Minor Injuries Unit, X-ray.  Many local residents have the belief that Ludlow Hospital is still under threat – not on our watch it’s not!   Help with our fundraising or publicity events – extra pairs of hands are always most welcome as well as new ideas. We welcome new initiatives and offers of help and there are no onerous or long-term commitments".

“We are re-shaping our Executive Committee and our Trustee Board and new opportunities will arise as a result.”  

There has been growing concern that the running of the League of Friends has become too dependent upon a diminishing number of activists who are getting older. Last year the group lost a long serving treasurer who sadly died. Also, Mr Corfield, who has been the Chairman for many years, suffered a period of ill health that put him out of action.

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