In his submissions highlighting and supporting the benefits of local community hospitals and  consultative processes,  (see "Speaking Out" below)  Peter Corfield makes incisive points, which are supported and amplified in this editorial from Ludlow Advertiser  .......................

"Health campaigner Peter Corfield is correct to say that consultations are too often written by professionals and for professionals. The language used is often complicated and not easily intelligible.  But this is not the only reason why response levels are low.

The truth is that a lot of People have little confidence that consultations are real listening processes but believe that decisions are made in advance and that the consultation is just an exercise. There is also an issue about how representative of the public view the outcome of consultations really is.  People who are very interested and motivated, such as campaigners, are highly likely to respond but in not all cases will the view of the activists be a fair reflection of what the man or woman in the street is thinking.

 Another issue is that no matter what the outcome, if the health chiefs cannot deliver the outcome people want, because of lack of funding or an inability to recruit the necessary staff, as is the claim with Accident and Emergency Services, then what is the point of it all?"

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