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Membership of League Of Friends Of Ludlow Hospital  can be paid for by cheque or by standing order. Subscriptions eligible for gift aid providing you are a UK tax payer.  Members receive a League Newsletter each quarter which gives details of any developments in local healthcare or other issues that affect Ludlow Community Hospital. From time to time, should the Shropshire health commissioners or providers deem it necessary to conduct public consultation on the services they offer, League members will be briefed and their views represented by the League to the appropriate authority.  There is no commitment - but membership does offer the opportunity for you to be informed and to have your say!  Volunteers are always welcome to help us deliver tea and coffee services to our patients each morning, or to operate the trolley shop within the hospital. Please see below for the latest League News. 

 League News 

An extract from our Newsletter,  Issue 51 – July 2019  - compiled by Peter Corfield

Members who regularly attend our Quarterly Meetings were understandably nonplussed by the sudden cancellation of the meeting scheduled for 8 May.   This was due to sudden serious illness that compromised the Committee’s ability to present managed business matters especially following the tragic loss of Linda, our Treasurer, earlier in the year.   As a result, your Committee is taking a long hard look at how we manage The League’s business, especially the need to plan the succession of key posts and to spread the workload.   We hope to be able to present our proposals to the AGM on 7 August.

In the meantime we have pressed ahead with ordering the upper-limb exercise and diagnostic equipment for Physio to complete the department’s range of therapies (which also complement the new x-ray and orthopaedic clinics held on site).   Thanks to significant funding from The Soap Box Derby and Nationwide Ludlow we shortly expect delivery of a second RITA (Reminiscence Interactive Therapeutic Activities) installation which has proved so successful with patients suffering from memory loss, learning difficulties or Alzheimer / dementia type illnesses."

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N.B. Our latest update to our "Future Fit" pages has just been added.

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