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Membership of League Of Friends Of Ludlow Hospital  can be paid for by cheque or by standing order. Subscriptions eligible for gift aid providing you are a UK tax payer.  Members receive a League Newsletter each quarter which gives details of any developments in local healthcare or other issues that affect Ludlow Community Hospital. From time to time, should the Shropshire health commissioners or providers deem it necessary to conduct public consultation on the services they offer, League members will be briefed and their views represented by the League to the appropriate authority.  There is no commitment - but membership does offer the opportunity for you to be informed and to have your say! 

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Latest  League News 

Newsletter Issue 52 – January 2020     Compiled by Peter Corfield (01584 318468)

We greet 2020 with the sixth new government since we embarked upon the quest to Save Ludlow Hospital in early 2005!   It is very tempting to summarise what has been achieved by those in authority in the past 15 years, but unfortunately that would merely be a catalogue of missed opportunities, disregard of the needs of local rural communities, expensive mistakes, under-funding, failed initiatives and cancelled projects.

Despite warnings from Town and Parish Councils, clinicians and health support groups, such as Leagues of Friends, the historical and frenzied closure of Cottage Hospitals, Mental Health facilities and non-acute hospital beds has led inexorably to the current appalling state of many aspects of the much valued NHS across the UK.   Recent local experiences have revealed significant flaws in the once revered Shropdoc out of hours service and the Ambulance Service does not escape criticism either (over 2 hours response to a 91 year old who had suffered a fall, broken hip and broken ribs lying face down in agony unable to take essential pain relief).   Someone, somewhere is looking at the problems through the wrong end of the telescope!

 So what have we done about it?

 Our League still maintains that there is an undeniable case to support Care Closer to Home, based where still possible on Community Hospitals.   To this end we have, since 2006, invested heavily in improving facilities at Ludlow Hospital ranging from buying new beds, mattresses, ward furniture, day room furniture, new televisions, a relatives’ room, nurse call system, an entire renal dialysis facility to treat up to five patients simultaneously, a new x-ray system, ultrasound scanning, ophthalmic scanning and diagnostic equipment, audio testing booth, retinopathy camera system, physiotherapy equipment and equipment for the minor injuries unit.   In addition we have funded the provision of 9 public access defibrillators in Ludlow, supported Ludlow Assembly Rooms film programmes for patients with learning difficulties and now have equipment in Dinham Ward to assist patients suffering from memory loss or dementia.

 Despite our approaches over the past 3 years to Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals for them to use our ultrasound equipment for routine scanning, Ludlow area mums-to-be still have to trek to Telford – more “wrong end of the telescope”.   It is difficult to believe – especially when the Chairman of the local Clinical Commissioning Group advised us two years ago to “make sure any equipment we bought had wheels on it” – clearly he has no telescope at all!


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