In 2005/6 Shropshire Primary Care Trust (SCPCT) proposed the closure of Ludlow Community Hospital, a move that was opposed by League Of Friends Of Ludlow Hospital . After organising public meetings, petitions and protest marches, The League, together with South Shropshire District Council, appointed specialist consultants to produce an alternative business case. This indicated that the service proposals by SCPCT were flawed and that an affordable alternative could be contemplated. The League wrote to all residents in South West Shropshire, seeking their views, resulting in 6,700 responses in support of retaining the Hospital. Once the threat of closure was removed, The League worked with the NHS to improve or renew the  facilities.

League Of Friends Of Ludlow Hospital (Charity No. 513978) is a membership organisation which exists to improve the care and comfort of our patients by providing items of equipment and services that may not be readily available from the NHS. Additionally The League provides some volunteer services, such as morning tea/coffee trolley and a trolley shop to the ward (see the Volunteer button for more info.)

Members are kept up to date by regular newsletters which also informs on local NHS developments. Members’ views and opinions are regularly sampled and represented to appropriate NHS authorities.

In recent years The League has purchased electronic profiling beds and bedside furniture throughout the hospital, funded the purchase of dialysis equipment, ultrasound scanning, visual field testing equipment, heart monitors and much more.




Following a much publicised disagreement over the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by Staff and GPs involved in the treatment of patients the various parties met on Monday30th March 2020 and issued the following joint statement:-

"Constructive dialogue has taken place today between Dr Catherine Beanland and Dr Chris Targett of Portcullis Surgery and Dr Jane Povey of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust.   Both Portcullis Surgery and Shropshire Community Health recognise that the safety of patients and staff is of paramount importance and the effective use of PPE is central to that.   

Shropshire Community Health continues to adhere to all national guidance on the use of PPE but agrees that General Practitioners working on community hospital wards should adopt additional infection control procedures given their greater exposure to patients in the community.   

Dr Beanland and Dr Targett have now been reassured and confirm that they are confident in the way the Trust is implementing these guidelines at Ludlow Hospital. We look forward to continuing to work together in the interests of our patients during this challenging and escalating situation."

 Dr Beanland has since assured The League of Friends "that there is PPE on the ward and there always was."                                               

In addition the following open message has been sent to staff at Ludlow Hospital:

“We know most of you very well and know how hard you work and how much you care about patients in the hospital and how committed you all are. We are deeply sorry for any upset caused to you by events from last week. Particularly regarding the unfortunately high media interest we know it is very hard to feel that the hospital is under scrutiny or criticism. We want you to know that our actions were entirely made in order to try and ensure staff and patient safety on the ward and that we really do hope that you can understand that.

We have always felt that it is important to share how much we value the people we work with and want you to know that we are equally committed to Ludlow staff well-being and morale. We truly think that all of you are dedicated to the hospital and to the Ludlow Community as a whole and have absolutely no doubt that you will rise to the challenge coming with COVID-19 and continue to provide the exemplary care that you always have done in the coming months.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to you individually, if you wish, in the coming weeks but know that we are completely on your side and always will be.”

 Dr Catherine Beanland and Dr Chris Targett