In 2005/6 Shropshire Primary Care Trust (SCPCT) proposed the closure of Ludlow Community Hospital, a move that was opposed by League Of Friends Of Ludlow Hospital . After organising public meetings, petitions and protest marches, The League, together with South Shropshire District Council, appointed specialist consultants to produce an alternative business case. This indicated that the service proposals by SCPCT were flawed and that an affordable alternative could be contemplated. The League wrote to all residents in South West Shropshire, seeking their views, resulting in 6,700 responses in support of retaining the Hospital. Once the threat of closure was removed, The League worked with the NHS to improve or renew the  facilities.

League Of Friends Of Ludlow Hospital (Charity No. 513978) is a membership organisation which exists to improve the care and comfort of our patients by providing items of equipment and services that may not be readily available from the NHS. Additionally The League provides some volunteer services, such as morning tea/coffee trolley and a trolley shop to the ward (see the Volunteer button for more info.)

Members are kept up to date by regular newsletters which also informs on local NHS developments. Members’ views and opinions are regularly sampled and represented to appropriate NHS authorities.

In recent years The League has purchased electronic profiling beds and bedside furniture throughout the hospital, funded the purchase of dialysis equipment, ultrasound scanning, visual field testing equipment, heart monitors and much more.




Assisted by Chief Reindeer and Head Elf, presents were distributed to all patients as part of the traditional gesture by The League of Friends to provide patient comforts.   In addition to the 24 in-patients on Dinham Ward Santa also had gifts for 10 patients undergoing kidney dialysis at the hospital and those attending the Minor Injuries Unit. Father Christmas wished all patients a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.  

“It was a pleasure to be able to call on patients and staff at Ludlow Community Hospital and to see everyone in such good spirits.   No-one wants to be in hospital at this time and it gave me great pleasure to add some enjoyment and comfort to the patients’ stay.   The staff on duty were as wonderful as ever and I know that they are greatly treasured by patients, relatives and carers for the superb job that they do” said Santa. Our picture shows Santa (aka Peter Corfield), Chief Elf Gloria Corfield and long-term dialysis patient Mr  Pepper, of Church Stretton.

Father Christmas 2019

The Dialysis Unit was established at Ludlow in 2010 with funds provided by The League of Friends  and is the biggest single investment the League of Friends has made.The unit treats local patients who otherwise would have to travel to Shrewsbury.   Patients attend three sessions per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), each session lasting up to four hours in the morning or afternoon.  

Starting in January the Unit will operate for six days a week with additional sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  

The League of Friends, which meets four times a year and is entirely dependent on voluntary fund raising and donations to finance its import work, has spent £640,000 on the hospital over the three years, and has recently replaced the treatment chairs and provided an individual television to each dialysis station, so that patients can watch their favourite programmes. 

In addition to this, the League of Friends has just provided a bladder scanner for Dinham Ward, so that patients can be scanned locally instead of travelling to Shrewsbury or Telford.  Other assistance is planned for the coming year, possibly including improved seating for patients with mobility issues and a relatives' room with overnight accommodation.